What we provide


Consultation and Implementation of Protection Plan

In-depth discussion of how your entire family uses mobile devices; creation of a custom protection plan

Install and lock down security and protection applications 

Review installed applications and remove (if necessary)


Interactive group education and  discussion about emerging digital threats, trends, and tips to help keep you protected.  Available for social and professional groups, boards of education, religious institutions, neighborhood organizations, etc.

Upcoming Events


Westfield Public Library

1/17/19  7:00 PM

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All other events currently scheduled are private events, not open to the public.


'Marc is personable and his approach is practical and honest. His goal of protecting our children is his number one priority in a sincere way. He is able to share apps and ways to help us as parents to monitor our children’s use of technology without going down the prohibitive path. Thank you!"

- Liz M., Parsippany

"Marc has been so helpful! I reached out to him when my son received inappropriate texts from classmates. Marc helped me set up my phone so I can see every incoming and outgoing text that my son receives or sends. Now I can help my son make safe choices while texting.

Thanks Marc!!!"

- Claire G., Westfield

"My kids recently graduated from college and live in major cities.  They use their mobile devices all the time for everything (text, call, Wi-Fi, social media, podcasts, music and movie streaming, financial transactions, etc).  So I wanted to make sure they were safe and their devices were protected.  Our consultation with Marc was great!  We learned alot and Marc provided a report with pertinent links.  I highly recommend Marc and feel he is worth the money!"

-Terry G., Westfield


Q: I am ready to get a mobile device for my child. Where do I begin?

A: Papa Bear Digital Protection, LLC will be happy to recommend the best phone for your child, and set it up to be safe with adequate monitoring capabilites for your needs. 

Q: Our home has both Android and Apple users.  Can you help us simplify our digital lives?

A: Yes.  There are many tools that can help you communicate with your family across mobile operating system platforms.

Q: I just want to check my child's text messages and Instagram account.  Can you show me what to do?

A: Papa Bear Digital Protection, LLC will gladly show you how to monitor these applications.  As a matter of fact, we can incorporate that into a larger plan that covers all of your child's social media activities and correspondences. 

Q: Can you also include laptop protection in our digital plan?

A: Papa Bear Digital Protection, LLC recognizes that our digital security plans will also affect how you use your computer.  Therefore, to the extent that your mobile applications can also be used on a computer, yes, the plan will cover computers as well as mobile devices.

Q: Will your services make my family completely secure against all threats?

A:If someone intends to do harm, they will usually target the most vulnerable targets first.  Papa Bear Digital Protection, LLC strives to make you and your family so secure and protected that you won't be a vulnerable target.  

That said, no one can ever guarantee complete safety against all threats.